What your clothing color says about you?

What does your clothing color says about you


Okay so we’ve all been there before, when we had instances of having to choose a color for a particular piece of clothing we just happen to fall in love with.  Do you really give much thought to what your clothing color says about you?  Perhaps you think the style is most important, by right its the first thing a person notices about you.  Wrong!

Not everyone is as fashion savvy on learning the new trends or keeping up with clothing designs  So on your journey of online shopping for ladies clothing we hope to lend a helping hand by giving some tips and insight on what certain colors say about you.

Are you the all black everything kind of person?  Well it just so happens that it is a known fact that while wearing black it makes the form appear more slimmer.  Also black is one of those colors that remains timeless.  It is also best when worn to give a presence of authority and power.

Perhaps your the opposite and find that white works wonders on your complexion?  White is often thought of as a color worn by majestic persons and would give any look a richer effect.  White has became popular because it can be worn with a variety of colors but be mindful of how easy it can be tarnished, it takes a special kind of person to keep white just that white all day!

Gray or grey however you call it is synonymous  with being neutral, maybe your planning on blending in or toning down an outfit that’s too out there.  Don’t mistake its being neutral to not being associated with confidence and sophistication.  We recommend that everyone buy themselves a gray suit, it is sure to come in handy.

Are you in touch with  mother nature and all that the earth provides, then brown is a color that is best representative of the natural arts.  It is often thought that like the roots of a tree brown portrays a level of stability on your part.  So if you need to be grounded (pun intended) brown is the color for you.

Wealth, Royalty and Luxury are all yours or assumed yours once you wear the color purple.  Worn by the royalties of the world be prepared to get glances and sit high on your fashion throne when adorn this color.  Though it was once labeled as a feminine color it is a unisex color and be worn by both male and female alike.

Soaring high limitless above the sky is the color blue as would you when your wear this color clothing.  It is known that blue clothing symbolizes peacefulness and tranquility and it may contribute to trusting associations and is recommended for wear during those nail biting, sweat pouring interviews or business meetings.

Red raging bull.  When wearing red it is alleged that persons tend to be more aggressive and forthright.  However it also coincides with the belief that red represents love and passion.  So on date nights or any time when you need to turn up the heat, red is the color for you.

Shine bright as the sun when you wear yellow clothing.  It represents happiness and gets persons attention very easily.  Yellow clothing is best as accent pieces as too much can be a bit overpowering.  We recommend yellow swim wear for those summer days at the beach.

Green with envy.  It is associated that green is the color of money.  Persons wearing green clothing are considered healthy, wealthy and wise.  It also is associated with being conservative and lending back to the nature theme.

So the next time you have to choose during your online shopping clothing options that suit the occasion, the mood and your personality.  After all the color you choose says a lot about you.