Ladies, Dress To Suit All Occasions.

Ladies, dress to suit any occasion

So ladies dress to suit all occasions, here is the scenario you’ve just been invited to attend an event with a dress code of smart casual, only thing is what exactly is smart casual?  You may have a slight idea but most of us want to look our best without standing out for the wrong reasons.  Its best if you make a statement with the right clothing selection and we’re here to help.  Continue reading if you’d want to make a grand entrance at your next event in clothing that is stylish and appropriate for the occasion.


This is the easy one! Got a favorite pair or denim in your closet now is the best time to wear them. Pair them with a tee or a stylish blouse for footwear, anything from sneakers to sandals is acceptable.  Heels are not required but can be won as well.  Jewelry is not limited and hoop earrings only.

Business Casual

This style of dress is classified as Friday dress at the office.  Jeans are not considered an option for business casual and bottoms such as dress slacks or khakis can be worn.  Skirts can be worn as well be sure that your skirt length is appropriate, we recommend knee length and non form fitting. Blouses or button down tops are suited best and you are reminded that tee shirts are not to be worn.  Beware as well that foot wear should be limited to heels and shoes that enclose the foot, no sandals or tennis.

Smart Casual

Is not to be confused with Business Casual, Smart Casual is a step above casual and requires some more effort in your overall outfit.  While jeans can be worn be mindful to steer clear of color patterns, rips or shreds in your Jeans.  If jeans is a choice for you its best to wear a white or dark colored denim along with a collared shirt and a blazer.  Otherwise slacks, collared shirt or stylish blouse with a jacket is quite fashionable.  Pair with high heels and avoid casual footwear.  Limit earrings to studs or minimal ‘dangling’, a watch or bracelet and rings as appropriate.

Business Attire

Full on work wear, this is the everyday clothing as worn in most office jobs and consists of pants suits, dresses with jackets and skirt suits.  Wear high or low heels with your selection.  Be mindful that colors should be limited to neutrals such as Black, Brown, Dark Gray or Navy Blue.  Though modernization has brought some changes with the color selections just be aware the purpose behind the attire and refrain from bright or fluorescent colors that may be distracting.

Semi Formal

The infamous black dress is definitely in with this dress code or any other dress or separates that are sexy but classy.  Arms can be revealed as well as legs but be mindful not to wear above 1 inch over your knee.  Pair with high heels and fashionable jewelry and a clutch to accentuate your outfit.

Formal Wear

These occasions are usually balls, weddings, and corporate affairs.  Don your best set of threads here as most of the persons in attendance will be wearing floor length gowns and shawls.  Slits can be worn but be careful not to loose your elegance with its height.  Wear your hair in an updo and wear a statement necklace, gloves and a clutch.

We hope that we have clarified the different styles of dress and should you need assistance in categorizing any of our pieces be sure to send us a message in our chat box.